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The Lake

Barn View lake is a family run business. We had the lake dug and built-in 2006-2008 which was owned by late husband Ken and wife Lorraine and now managed by their daughter Helen who has many years of experience in the carp industry and every aspect of running a lake.
​The lake is around 3 and 3/4 acres and was originally dug deep to optimise the fish and their sizes which has grown on some jewels in its crown already.
The lake has a soft clay bed with very little silt, many deep holes some dropping to 4 meters and a very deep bank riverside. The average depth is 3 metres deep, the water is clay coloured and all the fish have changed colour within their environment to become lovely bars of gold. 

The lake has 4 large swims 2 at either end of the lake and a small swim in the middle ideal as a day swim.

There is an aeration system that runs in the middle of the lake, aerating oxygen to all the lake contributing all round to the health of the lake and the fish supporting their enviroment to help their growth.

fishished swim 2 with step 1
dining lake view 3
Barn view scene 3
Barn view scene 4
dining outside breakfast
lake n flower 4
Barn view Sunset
barn view morning view sunset
Barn View Lodge view
Barn view scene (2)
bv pic starting weed sunrise
lake pics from balcon 003
bv scene rushes pic
lake from cabin with bars off swim
bv scene sunset in field
pitches horses 017
lee bussey catches 005
yellow gorse
bv scene flowers pic
lee bussey catches 005
bv shane playing fish shot
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