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Lake Bait


When you look at our rules page you will notice that we allow each angler to bring with them strictly a maximum of 2kg of fresh/frozen boilies to use as hook baits if they wish to.
We have a bait ban at Barn View. We allow you to bring 2kg of hook-bait boilies of your choice, but anything fed to the fish, thrown into the lake or used as freebies....must be our lake boilies & pellet.

We have fabricated and make our boilies onsite especially for our lake which are made from our carp pellet and only the best ingredients including human grade flavours & colours, we know exactly what goes into them. We have been making boilies for many years and supply other lakes in France too. Our boilies benefit the health and growth of stock and help maintain exceptional water quality.
Our boilies and pellet will be fed into the lake in regular quantities all year round and the carp will see them as a natural food source, anglers seeing their catches food source also passed through into the mats, this is a sign that makes us and our carp anglers confident. 
  We have invested in our ongoing stocking programme to benefit our customers, all newly stocked fish will always be hand-picked by ourselves and will all have been raised on the best quality feed pellet.

Our new stockings should make the fishing epic at Barn View. In order to benefit our present and future customers, we would like our new stock along with our current residents to be fed and raised on the best possible diet that they can have from the very start, this is why we are only allowing our boilies & pellet as feed from the 2020 season onwards.
All particle baits, ground baits, & nuts of any sort are
NOT allowed.
NO exceptions will be made.

The reason for this is so we can keep our water quality & fish in the best condition possible, to keep our dissolved oxygen levels high so the fish are in the best possible condition.
Thank you for your cooperation.


​Catch your PB with Carp PB boilies here at Barn View.

18 mm Boilies

Both our lake boilies are made with quality ingredients 

and many carp pulling attractants


Our  BV Spicy Tiger-nut

( yellow in colour, with some of our ingredients containing tiger-nuts & sweet paprika)


Our BV1 Boilie

( chocolate in colour, with bloodmeal, krill & betaine)



10 Euros per kg sold in 5 kg bags

10+ kg per person 9.50 Euros per kg

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