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Barn View Lake Rules

The rules are kept simple for the health & well being of our fish and the surrounding areas to keep both the lake and our customers safe.
What may seem obvious to most, in my experience as a lake manager sometimes isn't, and we have to state and enforce our rules to safeguard and protect our fish.
We would like to Thank you for adhering to all the rules.We hope you have a very enjoyable time here at Barn View catch loads of PB'S and become our regular visitors.


Arrival & Departure

Arrival on Saturday no earlier than 13.00 pm
(Please respect this to allow us to prepare for your arrival, and for the previous week's anglers to complete their holiday)

Departure by 10.00 am the following Saturday.

Slings & Carp Cots

1. We provide carp cots/cradles & slings to prevent cross-contamination free of charge.

Which are Raptor XXL  air carp cradles & Raptor retainer slings with bars to widen sling  for ease of movement whilst carp are being held for the short time in the water.

We provide watering cans for keeping carp & cradles wet.

2. Nets, waders & bait boats to be dipped in our aquatic dip tank before fishing commences.

Bait Rules

1. Barn View has a bait ban, we allow you to bring 2kg of your own choice of boilies to use as hook baits, anything put into the lake as freebies or feed must be our boilies & pellet.

2. No shelf life boilies.

3. No particle.

4. No pellet -except what is bought onsite.

5. No plastic, fake bait of any sort.

6. No nuts, tiger nuts, peanuts or nuts of any sorts.

7. No hemp.

8. Please pick up any dropped bait, so not to attract vermin.

Fishing Rules

We understand accidents happen if you have any problems with a fish, or if you lose the line, crack off etc...Please let us know Thank you.

We have a strict catch & release rule for our carp.No kill

We advise bringing your own waders to go into the lake to take pictures with your captures.

1. Maximum 3 rods per angler.

2. Rods NEVER to be left unattended. Rods to be reeled in when away from your swim if you are in the cabin/lodge, toilets, shower, no leaving sounder boxes with anyone..... 

2a. No bedchairs/sleeping in the cabin/lodge.

3. Minimum 15lb mainline.

4. No braided mainline (Except on spod rods & marker floats)

5. No lead core.

6. No leaders of any sort.

7. Rig tubing must be used.

8. No fixed leads.

9. No running leads.

10. No inline leads.

11. No knots, split-shot, swivels, quick links above the lead.

12. Leads to be lightly fixed to allow easy discharge.

13. Micro barbed or barbless hooks only.

14. No long shank hooks or bent hooks of any description.

15. Quick links preferred to be used, for safe moving of fish when caught, detached from mainline & rod, So the fish's mouth isn't taking the tension from the rod & line when moving it to the cot.

Fish Care

Make sure you have all your landing gear ready !!!!!!

Watering can full, cradle under the tripod, carp care, forceps & cameras.

Carp to be moved in weigh slings, & carp cots must be under weigh scales when weighing.

Please keep slings, carp cots & watering cans out of the sun on hot days and pour cool lake water over before placing carp in or on prevent burning the carp.

1. Before lifting the fish from the water, detach quick link from the mainline, break down landing net, gently roll down net be careful not to get dorsal fin caught in the net and fold pectoral fins flat, slide your sling under the net to carry the fish in the sling.

2. Please be careful not to drag the net from under carp in carp cot, so not to damage the fish or lift any scales.

3. Please open weigh sling wide when in cots so bars are out of reach of carp flapping onto and damaging themselves. Preferably take the sling away.

4. Never leave fish unattended on carp cots.

5. Keep fish wet whilst in carp cots. (Watering cans are provided on each swim.)

6. Never stand to take photos (except if you are in the water)

7. All carp over 40lb  your photos MUST be taken in the lake.

8. Carp care to be used on ALL hook holds ( We provide to use.)


9.Please keep fish out of the water to a minimum.

10. Return fish to water using weigh slings.

11. No sacking fish.

Surroundings Rules

1. Please use bins provided on each swim & ashtrays, do not leave litter or throw cigarette buts on the floor or in the lake.


2. No fires.


3. No barbecues, except the brick-built barbecue outside the lodge for you to use. 

4. No dogs or pets allowed.

5. No fishing from the far bank, lodge side only on designated swims.


6. No swimming in the lake.

( pictures with your carp in the lake with carp over 40lb)

7. Please leave swims, toilets, showers & lodge clean & tidy as you find it.

8. No Drugs.

9. Alcohol to be consumed sensibly, anyone not adhering to this in the licensee or bailiffs opinion will be asked to leave.

10. Please pick up any dropped bait, so not to attract vermin.

We would like to Thank you for adhering to all the rules to keep our fish in beautiful condition, the surrounding areas clean & tidy and you safe. We hope you have a very enjoyable time here at Barn View catch loads of PB'S and become our regular visitors.

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