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July 2022

This week saw friends but new to Barn View, Richard Moody AKA Corona man lol and Trev Barker, finally getting here after many years of waiting for them.

What a wonderful surprise arrival at dinner they came dressed in Scottish attire for Colin.....hilarious that they pulled it off so well

The boys had a great week considering the very hot temperatures, both getting New PB'S.

They finished on 31 total.

Richard having 16 up to his New PB Grassy at a new grassy lake record of 57.08lbwhich he's named Kenny

I think you'll see why lol with the picture look alike lol well done Rich and on all your fish catching some beauts too, all on the lake bait Carp PB Boilies

Thank you for bringing us the gorgeous honey from your bees it's so lush, and for donating your lake shoes to Colin

Well Done to Trev for his 15 fish up to his New PB Common of 41.02lb and also catching another of our gorgeous linears which hasn't been seen before he caught for its first time which he has named Marlin Monroe lol all caught on lake bait Carp PB Boilies

Thanks also Trev for bringing the supplies for Colin and also a little tipple of gin for me this too is lush.

Thank you both for a great week we had such a laugh, and Thank you for your kind comments about the place and us, and leaving everywhere is lovely order at the end of your trip.

See you again next year

Well Done guys




































































































April 2022


Last week saw repeat visitors & great friends Pete Adcock & Sons Dan and Tom

The week started off lovely as always with the wonderful presents Pete had made for us, they really were lovely Thank You for thinking of me and taking the time to get them made

The boys had a great week considering conditions were building for spawning

They had 12 fish between them

Pete having 5 fish to 36lb one which he called Cinderella as he had it at exactly 12 midnight Well Done Pete.

Tom having 5 fish to 39:12lb Common and his New Mirror PB 39lb Well done Tom

Dan having 2 x 25 lbs Well Done Dan.

The boys all have excellent fish care, going in the water for their shots too

All fish caught on topped lake bait

Thank you guys as always an absolute pleasure to have you here, we had such a laugh Thank you for leaving everything spotless.

Well done Pete for the great dawn pictures you took, more pictures to get mounted on the wall

See you all again next year
























































April 2022

Last week saw repeat visitors to Barn View Father and Son Adrian Ruddick and Daniel Ruddick. The weather was very intermittent from forecasts of rain all day for days, to lovely sunny days where Adrian got a tan...and made his legs like crab sticks lol. The warmer weather brought most of their fish out, they had 10 fish Adrian having 3 to 32lb and Daniel having 7 to his new Common PB of 44.6lb. All caught on the lake bait Carp PB Boilies

Thank you for a fab week we have had a great time & stories and had such a laugh, Thank you for leaving your areas in such a lovely order and so respectful of everything, you are a pleasure to have on the lake.

Thank you so much for the present of the solar fisherman light picture and Grandma’s luscious boozy cake Good luck with your exams, Daniel Ruddick finishing school & starting a new job and paying for your and your Dads trip next year lol

See you again next year
























































April 2022

This week saw repeat visitors from a few years ago finally getting here after the last two years of covid restrictions.

Shane Brockwell and father-in-law Mark Davies.

After horrendous queues and waiting at the ferry port for almost 7 hours to get on, they finally arrived, but to sudden freezing conditions, their first morning we saw feels like -9 cold.

They only managed to get a few out, as the conditions probably put the fish back to their slumber.

Thanks, guys for a fantastic week through tough conditions, had a great laugh and a great attitude....that's fishing...see you next year, when they take up our fly package.







October 2021

Last week we saw new boys to Barn View from Plymouth Simon Patchett, David Land and Steve Bealey, who have been regularly coming to France thought they'd come to an intimate private venue to have to themselves.

They had a great week, with a reasonable amount of carp considering the weather threw some sudden reduction in temperatures, they finished on 23 fish in total no big girls playing but lots of the mid to upper 30s and a few stockies. Simon got the name golden for his regular before-dinner catch lol, David played the night owl, getting most of his fish in the night/early hours, and Steve attracted stockies adding to the future monster pool lol.

All caught on the lake bait Carp PB Boilies and the boys took some home too, to use on their syndicate lakes

Thank you guys for a great week, the lake, fish and all the facilities were treated with the utmost respect, and left in beautiful order

Thank you see you all again in 2023






































October 2021


After waiting almost 2 years from booking on, we finally got to see Adrian Ruddick and his son Daniel.

The temperatures have been so erratic seeing freezing some nights and then 18-20 degrees glorious sun in the day, the fish decided to switch off they managed to wheedle out 5 fish to Daniels New Mirror Pb 33.08 and his New French Pb, one of Adrian's fish being named Pacman All caught on lake bait Carp PB Boilies

Well done guys, a brilliant week had a good laugh too.

Thank you both for a great week leaving all facilities, swims and swim tackle in beautiful order clean & tidy. Daniel is growing into a lovely young man, very well mannered, great attitude, and is very passionate.

See you next year















September 2021

This week we had Brothers Martin & Daniel Armstrong and Uncle Tim.

The boys decided to take up our flight package and thoroughly enjoyed the experience from start to finish and will be travelling this way on their future visits.

The fishing was a little quieter than expected with the change in weather...but they managed to have 13 fish between them, a couple of stockies, some 30lb+'s and Martin's new 40lb Common PB with his just shy of 42lb Common, he has in the past jumped the 40's but absolutely made up with his new Common PB in mint condition The Kingfisher on his rods certainly brought him the luck.

Caught on singles lake bait boilies BV 1 Carp PB Boilies

Thank you guys for a fantastic week, sooo great to see you all after a while, had such a laugh and a pleasure having you all here, and Thank you for leaving everywhere in beautiful order and neatly leaving all the hired tackle.

See you next year














April 2021

Fantastic week with wonderful friends, it had been too long, but finally got you here.

Peter Adcock & his two Sons Daniel & Tom, the boys had a great week, none of the big girls playing (but Dan's lost one he saw, may have been one of our big commons)Weather was hot hot hot, but they had a decent amount with 30 fish to 39.12lb unbelievable all mirrors, Dan having 14, Tom on 11 & Pete on 5 & capturing some future beasts for the stock pond all these were commons.

All caught on Barn View Lake bait BV1 Carp PB Boilies

The boys identified a fish they have called paw print & experiencing two of the swims they thought from Mum saying "your in your own little sanctuary" to call Pete's swim "Sanctuary" and Tom's swim "The enclosure"

Thank you, boys, for a fantastic week couldn't have chosen a better week to kick us off, as I always say and it's sooo true you are all a pleasure to have on the lake, beautifully mannered, respectful and we have had such a laugh too...Thank you all of you see you again next year